Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3 steps to a PERFECT BODY with Jenny Schatzle

3 steps to a PERFECT BODY with Jenny Schatzle

NORDIC WALKING - An Introduction & How To!

Walking with poles is an amazing activity for cross training, weight loss and exercise! Walking with ATTITUDE helps to restore spinal rotation which can restore spine function and help general back health.
Improve Endurance, Strength, Posture, Joint Health & Bone Density WITHOUT increasing perceived exertion!. Easy-to-learn, this activity gets anyone moving & grooving.

Do you like nordic walking?

New improved reflective vest

The new high visibility safety jacket is now available on Amazon with a 30-day money back guarantee and for big discount. Check on Amazon now!

Take action now and be most attractive person on the beach. Achieve your goals easyly and quick with our hi visibility clothing.BE SEEN. BE SAFE. EXTEND YOUR ACTIVITY. Set your magic goals and feel pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation and fun on the way to your goals.

We are in the middle of spring. Some people want to get lean and fit for the summer, others want to compete on Marathons. We can achieve our goals with different approaches like running, cycling or 30 minute dog walking.  A lot of people in this period get outdoor and do a little extra workouts.

Our improved Reflective Vest has 11 points of reflection with certificate 3MTMScotchliteTM reflective material offering 360 degree visibility. We made a lot of additional testing like Abrasion Test, Zipper durability Test, Snagging Test, Tear Resistance Test and others that we can offer our customers the best product on the market. Velcro is in the same color like vest for uniform appearance.

 The hi vis vest also comes with two reflective bands which can be worn on the body or attached to a dog’s collar to make them visible as well. Beautiful Achievements reflective safety vest features a large zippered pocket that can easily hold all running essentials including a smartphone, keys and money. It is made from a lightweight, breathable and very durable mesh material that can easily be layered on top of winter gear and also fit over a summer outfit which gives the possibility to use the reflective vest throughout the whole year. Due to its adjustable size it can be worn by men, women and children.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

3 steps to your best body

Who doesn't want to achieve having that perfect body? It happens from inside out not the outside in.
Here are 3 tips to getting there:
1. Don't compare yourself
2. Have an 'I am' statement
3. Be positive

Watch now. What do you think?

Source: 12news.com